FASHIONCLASH presents DRESS TO PROTEST by Giovanni Brand & Eliane Zwart

21:00 - 01:00

Boekhandel Dominicanen

Here our manifesto begins. A manifesto that has no content yet. A manifesto that we will create together. We protest in style - whatever that may mean - and we invite everyone, because protest is a collective effort. We protest in a bookshop that becomes a museum; a church that becomes a club. Come dance, shout, watch, whisper, and listen.  

Museumnacht Maastricht Dress to Protest

Dominicanen Bookstore once again promises a spectaculair programme during Museumnacht Maastricht! From DJ's & VJ's, a Make your own Protest-shirt & photo booth and a recalcitrant video installation to a Feminist Podcast and Write your own manifesto!

20:00 Let's start the show
20:10 Spoken word
21:00 Start ‘DRESS TO PROTEST’
21:00 DJ Octaaf de Bolle
21:30 Hardcore Mozart
22:00 A radical performance by Princess Bangura 22:30 MC goes BW (Book worm) goes Zola
23:00 Hardcore Mozart
23:05 DJ Joey Domingo
23:30 A radical performance by Princess Bangura 00:00 Big protest
00:30 Finale
01:00 Closing up

Dress to Protest is made possible with the support and in the presence of: Eliane Zwart, Giovanni Brand, Hélène Vrijdag, Finn Borath, Princes Bangura, Ivo van Megen, Frans Schnabel, DJ Joey Domingo, David Verschoor, Sheeyla Gerard, Lingua e Musica, Brenda Prins, Ans Limpens, Marjo van Knippenberg, Tiel Janssen and first year students of Toneelacademie Maastricht.

I am writing a manifesto because I have nothing to say - Philippe Soupault, Literature and the Rest