De Meldkamer

Capucijnenstraat 21a ,

De Meldkamer is a small-but-oh-so-nice and intimate Art Space located next to the always buzzing Brandweerkantine. Be it as an Open Studio or as a gallery, you can regularly discover special work of local talent. During Museumnacht Maastricht, you can admire the first of the 'Art through the window' exhibition series, which puts a spotlight on artists from Maastricht as well as Fair Practice. 

Art through the Window: No Man’s Land

During Museumnacht Maastricht, visitors can enjoy Art through the window: No Man’s Land at De Meldkamer. Curated by Linda Köke No Man’s Land presents the works of Floor Martens, Pleun Moons, Karin Peulen and Sanne Vaassen, artists from the same geographical region who come together to question ... Read more »

19:00 - 01:00

De Meldkamer

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