On the Move


Dive into the night, on foot or by bike, and let yourself be surprised along the way during Museumnacht Maastricht. Want to speed things up? Save your spot on the special Museumnacht Maastricht Running Tour, Meet Maastricht Tours, or jump on one of the free hop-on hop-off Museumnacht buses in collaboration with Arriva Touring and CODE043, which will take you from stop to hotspot in an unforgettable way! And who knows, you might be captured by one of the photographers of the Analog Photo Marathon along the way. Well, time to get moving! 

Hop-on Hop-off Bus by CODE043

Every 15 minutes >> CODE043 & Arriva Touring provide free rides from stop to hotspot with special hop-on hop-off buses. So, sip on your art cocktail and let the bus driver drive, while enjoying the arts of young ... Read more »

19:00 - 01:15

Route: AINSI Bonnefanten, Centre Céramique, Wilhelminasingel, Boschstraat, Vrijthof & Tongersestraat &

The Night is Young: Driver’s Seat – Marres Extended – Young Office

On Friday 8 April, over 20 young people from the Limburg youth departments Driver's Seat (SCHUNCK), Marres Extended (Marres) and YOUNG OFFICE (Bonnefanten) go out into the night together. From on-the-spot Live reports to interactive Feedback loops, from Centre Céramique to Jan van Eyck Academie, ... Read more »

19:00 - 01:00

From Marres to Bonnefanten, from sound art to poetry

Libero dall’Art: Pablo Hannon

Museumnacht Maastricht door Pablo Hannon. Libero dall’Art: If only we were free from art. Gone, torture of creation. No more, doubt of ... Read more »

19:00 - 01:00

Somewhere in between

The Analog Photo Marathon

What if you only have a 36 exposure camera film roll and a limited time frame, what would you photograph? That is the challenge of the Analog Photo Marathon. On Friday April 8 2022, the organizers and talented photographers Gina Siliquini, Lorenzo Rietveld, Joris Hilterman and Patrick Dreuning ... Read more »

19:00 - 01:00

Somewhere in between

2x Meet Museumnacht Maastricht Tour

Free if you have a Museumnacht Maastricht ticket >> This year's programme of Museumnacht Maastricht is more than overwhelming! Can’t decide what to see and where to go? No need to worry, as Meet Maastricht has the solution! Join one of their two special tours (English) and let them surprise you ... Read more »

19:30 - 21:30

Start: Marres (Contemporary) or Dominicanen (Classic)

Museumnacht Maastricht Running Tour (SOLD OUT!)

Free if you have a Museumnacht Maastricht ticket >> In collaboration with Maastricht Running Tours we have found the ultimate solution for the - slightly - more active art lover who wants to see as many venues as possible: Take part in the Museumnacht Maastricht Running ... Read more »

18:45 - 22:00

Start: Bonnefanten

Zoom in with Zuyd

Under the guidance of photographer Roy Wanders, 12 second-year students Max Janssen, Fenna Dijkstra, Samira Jacobs, Boudewijn Lemmens, Hugo de Loo, Misha Meijers, Vince van de Poel and Anouk Raijmakers will capture the night in their own way as part of their Communication & Multimedia Design or ... Read more »

19:00 - 01:00

Somewhere at night

Swipe Right for The Night

Museumnacht Maastricht is the perfect opportunity to go out together and celebrate friendships. Weeples will lend you a hand and match you for the ... Read more »

19:00 - 01:00


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