Hop-on Hop-off Bus by CODE043

19:00 - 01:15

Route: AINSI Bonnefanten, Centre Céramique, Wilhelminasingel, Boschstraat, Vrijthof & Tongersestraat &

A Trip to Your Next Party!
Buses run ± every 15 min. - Wearing a face mask is mandatory

Although you can easily walk from venue to venue during Museumnacht Maastricht, it is nevertheless an art in itself to be able to take it all in. Fortunately, Youth organisation CODE043 and Arriva Touring provide free rides from stop to hotspot. Hop from bus to bus and enter a completely different party each time around. So, sip on your art cocktail and let the bus driver drive, while enjoying the arts of young talent. 

The hop-on, hop-off buses have become quite famous and are an experience you can't miss during the fifth edition of Museumnacht Maastricht. Tip: Don't forget to leave the bus because of all the fun. 

Go on tour with: 

Bus 1: Mia Penn & Kodie Chontos-Blockstrom
Imagine yourself in a cartoon world where everything is made of paper while also learning about different printing techniques...

Bus 2: Esmee Stöpp
An anime-inspired illustrator who tells a story about the future with her dreamy drawings.

Bus 3: Celine Houben (artist name: seejee)
A chaos mind often finds peace in the middle of the storm. 
A series of portraits supported by matching poems that draw you into the storyline of these characters.​​​​​​​

Bus 4: Luke van Gessel
A bus full of mysterious aliens coming to Earth to teach us humans to let go of binary norms.

Go on a journey with Neptune

At the bus stop on the Vrijthof, you can also enjoy live music by, among others, Luca y Triana, This duo fuses melancholic melodies with storytelling and traditional music. Their compositions are based on myths, fables and sounds from different cultures from Mexico, Spain and Brazil. Inspired by Sephardi, al-Andaluz, and native music, they always play to tell a story.

It's mandatory to wear a face mask in the hop-on hop-off bus. If you don't have a face mask, one will be handed to you when entering the bus. If you refuse to wear a face mask, we unfortunately can't grant you access.