MINIRAMP JAM by Stadsnomade

19:00 - 23:00

The Student Hotel Maastricht: Curb Spot

Stadsnomade will also be present during Museumnacht Maastricht! They are going to land with their miniramp in front of The Student Hotel Maastricht at the curb spot. Expect a “BestTrick contest” with loads of goodies for whomever is going to land gnarliest tricks. Registration is on the same day: just look out for the Stadsnomade crew and judges. Age and skill-level will be taken into account! 

+ Special shout-out to SKATEDELUXE for providing the Maastricht Skateboard Community with goodies for rippers!

About Stadsnomade

Stadsnomade is a non-profit organisation active in Maastricht and neighbouring municipalities. They offer support, opportunities and advocacy to young people between the ages of 5 and 25 in the areas of skateboarding, street sports and urban culture. Their practices are bottom-up, meaning they emphasise on both the support and participation of the local community. Together with partners, Stadsnomade contributes to the sustainable development of young individuals, their community and the city of Maastricht. 

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Museumnacht Maastricht Stadsnomade Miniramp Jam