Blank Space: Hoge Fronten + Noa Gorissen & Rachel Zomerplaag

19:00 - 01:00

The Student Hotel: Classroom XL - Ground Floor

Blank Space transports you to your own mental 'in-between space'. A current 'state of mind': how do you approach life? Based on various propositions, the installation creates a picture of this mindset. Statements are discussed such as 'I don't often regret choices.', 'I often change my mind.' or 'I get melancholy when I think about past periods.' The answers are processed on the spot, 'live', making your current thought pattern visible in a work of art - for you to take home. Blank Space is one of the results of a course Hoge Fronten co-created for the Visual Communication and Communication & Multimedia Design departments of Maastricht Institute of Arts, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. During this minor, students were challenged to work on the theme 'Space in Between'.

Blank Space is a concept developed by Noa Gorissen and Rachel Zomerplaag. The program code is written by Frank Geurts.

About Hoge Fronten

Hoge Fronten, led by theater maker Lieke Benders, brings theatrical programs with a  local angle on universal themes to a national and international level. The performances of Hoge Fronten literally and figuratively invite the public to move and interact. To search for universal similarities, across all faiths, convictions and individual values ​​and truths.

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