VIA ZUID & Toneelgroep Maastricht

De Bordenhal - Plein 1992 15 ,

VIA ZUID & Toneelgroep Maastricht will be joining forces during Museumnacht Maastricht for the first time in 2019! Their playground? The Bordenhal venue (Plein 1992), where they will be presenting Talent Lab.

Playground for Talent
Talent Lab, is next level talent development: a unique collaboration between VIA ZUID and Toneelgroep Maastricht. During Talent Lab eight young, promising and professional talents from performing arts will be working intensively together for a month. Talent Lab is a research and development lab to get to know each other and to inspire each other while searching for common ground and exciting new worlds. Due to the unique and playful setting, the talents have the opportunity to explore each other's artistry, to experiment together and to reflect on and look for new frameworks. Talent Lab emphasises on the process, the meeting between the different talents and the ability to experiment while creating maximum space for creativity.

During Museumnacht Maastricht 2019 de talents will open the doors of their playground to the audience and present short performances as a result of their collaboration.

Promising Collective
The talents are selected by VIA ZUID talentontwikkeling in de podiumkunsten Limburg and Toneelgroep Maastricht.
Merlijn Huntjens (poet/performer) Karlijn Hamer (actress, singer, (music) theatremaker), Lucienne Venner (filmmaker, musician, performer), Hendrik Kegels (theatremaker/performer), Patrick Housen (musician/composer), Simon Bus (artist/dancer/ choreographer), Hanne Pierrot (costume designer/ scenographer), Steven Ivo (actor, musician, hip-hopper, theatremaker).

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Image: Martina Fazekas

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