Frequently asked questions

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When will the next Museumnacht take place?

The 5th edition van Museumnacht will take place on Friday 8 April 2022. For those who need their daily shot of offline-art; check out the amazing exhibitions and special events at the art venues, and explore the unlimited world of art! 

Okay, I have a ticket, what now?

During the Museumnacht you will be given a wristband upon presentation of your ticket at your starting location, which will also grant you access to all the venues, their evening-filling programme, and the hop-on hop-off buses. If you purchased a combi-ticket you are able to attend the afterparty as well! 

Help, Museumnacht is happening and I don't have a ticket yet!

Not need to worry. On the night itself you are able to buy a ticket at the Bonnefanten, Centre Céramique, Museum of Natural History Maastricht, Dominicanen Bookshop, Lumière Cinema and Marres. Unless Museumnacht Maastricht is sold out! 

I am jumping for joy, at what time does the fun start? 

Good news, we are back to our old tricks aka opening hours on 8 April 2022. During Museumnacht Maastricht 2022 the opening hours for all the participating art venues are 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. You can continue your night revels at the special afterparty at Muziekgieterij from midnight to 5:00 AM (until 3:00 AM for under 18s).

How do I make sure I have the best Museumnacht Maastricht experience possible? 

Some say, just dive into the night and let Museumnacht Maastricht suprise you is the best way to experience it! However, you can also create Your perfect Night before the night starts online or pick up a clearly set-out timetable and map on the night itself at all the art venues. No reason to miss a thing! 

Can I buy a ticket with discount? 

Upon display of your student ID or CJP card you can buy a student discount ticket! The Museumkaart (Museum Card) is not valid during Museumnacht Maastricht. If you are 12 years old or younger, you can register for a free ticket online prior to the night!  

I only want to go to the afterparty, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. However, there are no separate tickets available for the afterparty. If you want to go, you need a combi-ticket. And if you have already paid for the whole evening, you can just as well dive into the full art-night-out experience called Museumnacht, right? We promise you it will definitely be worth your while ;). Do make sure you get your tickets on time, because there are only a limited number of combi-tickets (+ afterparty) available!

How do I get to all these venues? 

Walking is the best way to get around. Cycling is another great option.
You could even jog if you want to! There are also special hop-on hop-off buses in collaboration with Arriva Touring that do more than just take you from A to B between 7:00 PM and 01:15 AM. 

Is Museumnacht Maastricht suitable for children?

Of course, children are more than welcome, provided they have a ticket and are allowed to stay up late ;). 12 years or younger? That means you have free access.

How accessible is Museumnacht Maastricht?

Most venues are suitable for less mobile guests, wheelchair accessible and have sufficient facilities in terms of lifts, seating and disabled toilets. Dogs are not allowed, with the exception of guide or assistance dogs. Specific questions regarding accessibility? Feel free to contact us.

If Museumnacht Maastricht cannot go ahead, will I get my money back?

Yes, if we need to cancel the night, you will of course get your money back minus the transaction fee ( € 0.50 per order).

Any nice hotel tips? 

Of course! We made a special list of great hotels in Maastricht where you can dream the night away! 

Argh, I didn't manage to see everything! What now!? :(

Lucky you! Until 31 May 2022 you can hand in your wristband at one of the participating venues (which one will be announced soon) and receive one free re-visit! You can keep it on your wrist or cut it off - it doesn't matter! 

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