MADEmaastricht - Andrieskapel

Andriespoort 11 ,

The night also puts the spotlight on craftsmanship and creativity in collaboration with MADEmaastricht, a local initiative of designers who are also makers. During the Art Appetizer, you can admire their new work in one of the most wonderful icons of the Sphinxkwartier, the beautifully restored Andries Chapel by René Holten and Danielle Colson.

Exhibition MADEmaastricht

MADEmaastricht puts the spotlight on local designers who are also makers. Admire an exciting mix of various disciplines and a combination of young talent and experienced craftsmanship during the Art Appetizer. A great opportunity to get to know the designers of ... Read more »

19:00 - 23:00


The Andries Chapel

During the Art Appetizer, you can admire his exceptionally beautiful, hidden part of the Sphinxkwartier: the restored Gothic Andrieskapel, one of the oldest chapels in Maastricht (1362). A unique opportunity, as it's only open to the public a few times a ... Read more »

19:00 - 23:00

Andries Chapel

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