Viewmaster Projects, Nederlandse Dansdagen, Conservatorium & Toneelacademie

Entre Deux & City Center ,

Walking from venue to venue has never been more fun than during the Art Appetizer. Why? Because, on your way to the next location you can admire the video-artwork exhibition 'Street View' by Viewmaster Projects across the city center. Discover a special viewing point in Entre Deux and be moved by the New Dutch Dance Shorts and special performances of students of Maastricht's Institute of Performative Arts and Conservatorium. 

Viewmaster Projects has been organizing large-scale video art exhibitions in public space since 2010 and is thematically related to public space and its users. During the Art Appetizer, you can admire 'Street View' IN public space with 21 video works ABOUT public space. 

P.S. Street View can be seen as of 8:00 pm.

Video Art Expo: Street View

AS OF 20:00 > 'Street View' is a large-scale video art exhibition IN the public space with 21 video works ABOUT the public space. In this new Viewmaster Project, the subject of the exhibition comes together so strongly with the location that they reinforce, enrich and influence each other. You can ... Read more »

20:00 - 23:00

City Center & Entre Deux

Dance the Night Away: New Dutch Dance Shorts

As of 20:00 > The New Dutch Dance Shorts is a special collaboration with Nederlandse Dansdagen and Cinedans. Take a seat on the stairs at Entre Deux and be moved by the best short dance films of the past year: 2m² – Antonin Comestaz / Aghori - Shailesh Bahoran / At Driesener Straße, Berlin ... Read more »

20:00 - 23:00

Entre Deux - Stairs

Street View Deluxe x Toneelacademie x Conservatorium

AS OF 20:00 > Admire an exceptional mix of disciplines and be triggered to look differently, everywhere. During Museumnacht Maastricht's Art Appetizer, everyone is welcome in Entre Deux where 12 of the 21 video works of 'Street View' are projected from the shop window. Because of the interventions - ... Read more »

20:00 - 23:00

Entre Deux


Outdoors (covered area); While sipping on a lovely drink, you can enjoy the Street View video art installations, street musicians, performances and best-of-the-best dutch dance ... Read more »

20:00 - 23:00

Entre Deux - Street View - Café Amadeus

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