Abhishek Thapar – My Home at the Intersection

21:00 - 22:00

Theater aan het Vrijthof: The 'Spelende Muze (DSM)' Hall

During this immersive and intimate performance you can explore the personal memories and quest for the meaning of 'home' of theater maker Abhishek Thapar. Let your senses get pulled into the history of three generations through videos, stories and the flavours that he has brought with him from the kitchen of his grandfather. With My Home at the Intersection, Thapar invites you into a family while revealing the reality of Punjab’s conflictual past. 

Abhishek, born in East Punjab in the 1980s, takes you on his journey to his hometown Moda, India. Together with his mother, father and sister, he re-visited his childhood home: a house that had disappeared, a place they all thought they had forgotten and which yet persisted, preserved in a jar of haunting images, between the conflicting priorities of official histories and the personal memories of three generations.

In a final pursuit of closure, the family returned to the house and moved back in. Together they created a work of art...

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©Thomas Lenden

My Home at the Intersection complicates reductive perceptions of Punjab’s recent history, producing an imagination that goes beyond dichotomies of perpetrators and victimhood, outside and inside, terrorism and resistance. In the intimate setting of his performance, Abhishek Thapar unfolds moments from a personal journey into a contorted past in dialogue with documents from an attempt of a ritual of - ‘going back, to make sure that you have forgotten about the past.’

“Past a surpassing disaster, the memorial and memory are (...) affected with some discredit and disgrace through the ever present possibility that one day one would have the impression that the memorial is a fake and that the memory is a false memory.” – Jalal Toufic

About Abhishek Thapar

Abhishek Thapar (1985, Moga) is a theatre maker, performer, puppeteer and artist currently based in Amsterdam. He holds a post-graduate diploma in Physical Theatre from LISPA, London and a Master in Theatre degree from DAS Theatre, Amsterdam. Currently, he is building an artistic research and practice in post-colonial epistemologies, historiographic metafiction and storytelling.


Written and Performed: Abhishek Thapar
along with Venu Thapar, Dr. Shveta Grover and Ashok Thapar
Produced: DAS Theatre, Amsterdam Dramaturgical Support: Maria Roessler
Text Advice: Divya Nadkarni
Advisors: Floris van Delft and Jeroen Fabius
Cinematographer: Sahib Gill
Film Editing: Jeanette Groenendaal and Rinku Kalsy
Music Composition: Kabeer Kathpalia
Costumes: Loise Braganza
Primary Research: Abhishek Thapar and Swati Simha
With contributions from: Dr. Sudha Thapar, Dr. Neelu Koura, Dr. Pawan Thapar and Karan
Special Thanks: Chandana Sarma, Arash Qajar, Amandeep Sandhu, Jimmy Grima, Barbara van Lindt, Juul Beeren, Vera van Baal, Martin Brans, Mirko Lazovic.