Minua – Still Light

23:40 - 01:00

Theater aan het Vrijthof: Foyer Ground Floor

Luca Aaron: guitar
Kristinn Kristinsson: guitar
Fabian Willmann: bass-clarinet
Supported by Jazzverband Baden-Württemberg

When two guitarists and a bass clarinetist decide to start a trio, they must have unconventional sound ideas in mind. Why else would they pursue with such an unusual band-sound? When Luca Aaron, Kristinn Kristinsson and Fabian Willmann played together for the first time at the music academy of Basel in 2014, they immediately felt a deep bond.

"It was very liberating to find people who wanted to play something different," says Luca Aaron. Various influences feed the strong, multi-directional creative will of the trio. Some have inspired everyone, but others are more personal. Perhaps the most important ones are post-rock, minimalism, ambient, Nordic melancholy and Scandinavian folk music as well as the unusual timbres and resonance created by different playing techniques and subtle electronics.

Although Luca Aaron and Kristinn Kristinsson now live in Berlin, the sound of Minua consciously stands out from the capital city scene and its' often fast, rhythmic, sometimes harsh tones. Instead of staccato and quick cuts, the band relies on textures and long tones. In this way, Minua leaves common stylistic boundaries behind in favour of an independent and more international aesthetic.

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