Discover SRAL - The Conservation Institute

19:00 - 01:00

Bonnefanten - SRAL Restauration studio, 1e floor

What stories can artworks tell? When can a work of art be restored? What is authenticity? When is something original? How does an art restorer start? And, what role does the artist have?

When visiting Bonnefanten, be sure to drop by the SRAL studio, where restorations are carried out, visible to the public. During Museumnacht Maastricht, you are able to talk to these experts about the profession of restoration and the preservation of cultural heritage.

About SRAL-  The Conservation Institute

As experienced specialists, SRAL's experts master the art of restoration down to the last detail. Old masters, contemporary art, painted sculptures and historic interiors in public and private collections are restored by them. They protect and conserve. Connecting past with future times, new techniques with old works. In their work as restorer, as researcher and advisor, as teacher.

SRAL is a worldwide renowned knowledge partner and translates the developments within the restoration and heritage field into international knowledge transfer. In the Bonnefanten, SRAL has set up a modern studio where restorations are carried out, visible to the museum public.

More information: www.sral.nl

Image: Manor Lux