Russian Tales: Marta & Slava

20:00 - 20:15

Bureau Europa

During the Art Appetizer, the renowned Maastricht-Russian artist couple Marta Volkova and Slava Shevelenko introduce you to cosmonauts who are heartbroken and the last terrible snowman. Admire also a selection of their work (2009-2020).

More about Marta & Slava

Marta and Slava were born in the Soviet Union, that distant land that seems to exist only in history books - if it ever existed. Their work seems to be nourished by the land's legendary roots. In an age of algorithms that determine the news and spreaders of fake news, Marta and Slava are true storytellers who use objects, drawings, projections and text to create a cinematic and fantastic world in which you can walk around. True or false, the collective mythology and political metaphors are mixed with dry humor and melancholy. The stories, depictions and installations form visual art that has since been included in museum collections and by private collections. The publication contains a selection of the work between 2009-2020.