Zuiderwind Blazersensemble – La Bête et les Perles

21:00 - 22:00

Theater aan het Vrijthof: Papyrus Hall

To the south with Zuiderwind. A programme filled with the beautiful art of French chamber music and ‘Joie de Vivre’. Strong as French wine, soft as creamy brie, and afterwards a toast together with pearls in a glass. 

Perhaps you may then find out what role the beast plays. 

About Blaserensemble Zuiderwind 

Blazersensemble Zuiderwind was founded in 2005 by Erik Somers. The members are professional musicians from the Belgian and the Dutch province of Limburg who are also part of various orchestras and acadamies. The core of the ensemble is the wind quintet. Hoewever, the composition of the ensemble varies on many occassions, resulting in a double wind quintet,  enriched with a double bas, bass clarinet, piano or harp. 

Image: Karel Vanparijs