19:30 - 00:45


Every hour, as of 19:30
Special concert from 00:00 - 00:45

Every hour, the metamorphic chamber orchestra MUURD plays intimate versions of murder ballads in Zutendaal dialect. In a gruesome coincidence, these MUURD songs match a number of iconic works of art in the museum. At the stroke of midnight, this will culminate in a titillating MUURD concert in which they will present their recently released album - named also MUURD - to the audience in Maastricht for the first time.

Who, Where, What & When? 
  • 19:30 Verannewèèrd at Christ Carrying the Cross by Jacob Jordaens
  • 20:30 Twiehfel ên Spikkelaosie in the Treasury of the Neutelings collection
  • 21:30 Bedaeine at Hunting Still Life by Henri de Fromantiou
  • 22:30 Mercedes at Deep Blue See Surrounding You by Laure Prouvost
  • 23:30 Charivari at The Census at Bethlehem by Pieter Brueghel the younger
  • 00.00 MUURD Middernaach Concert at the Fons Haagmans Hall.