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Museumnacht Maastricht is not only an extraordinary event; behind-the-scenes you will also find the true power of art: a unique collaboration between the Maastricht venues and art scene who organise this once-in-a-night-time experience. BUT, the night would not be possible without the help and support of our sponsors, partners, friends and of course our many visitors! Do you also want to contribute to Museumnacht Maastricht? Contact us to discuss options. 




Museumnacht Maastricht Board: Peggy van Sebillen, Valentijn Bijvanck, Ton Harmes, Els van der Plas en Corrien Derksen
Director: Project Management & Strategy: Jump the Gap, Janne Baetsen  
Brand Identity & Design: Zuiderlicht & pppanik (Visual 2022) 
Media & More: Mosaïek Magazine | WeekINWeekUIT | Weeples Maastricht | Maastricht Marketing | Mediahuis Limburg 
Youth & Students: Boost Your Talent | CODE043 | Kaleidoscoop Maastricht Match | UWC Maastricht | ZUYD Hogeschool  ​​​​​
Photography & Video: Brian Megens | Daniel van Hauten | Laurens Bouvrie | Jean Pierre Geusens | Sem Shayne | Roy Wanders | Harry Heuts | Analog Photo Marathon ​​​​​​​
Partners & Friends: Arriva Touring Coffeelovers | CityMagazine MaastrichtDemo Productions | EropuitinLimburgGescher + Brosky | Drukkerij GijsembergIHaveGotATicket | LHB Audio Pakje Kunst Team NotarissenMaastricht Running Tours | Meet Maastricht | RTV Maastricht | SAHOT | Universiteit Maastricht | Week in Week uit Visit Zuid Limburg​​​​​​​

Support during COVID-19

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our anniversary edition (17 April 2020) due to COVID-19. This would not have been possible without the support and flexibility of our suppliers and partners. A special thanks goes to Arriva Touring, Centercom, CODE043, DEMO Productions, Flyerman, iHaveGotATicket, Hoffman Outdoor, Jump the Gap, Mediahuis Limburg, Rapid Media, Week IN Week UIT / Maastrichtnet and Zuiderlicht.

Ticket Holders Donate Back 
In addition, we have also been able to count on the support of our visitors, who donated (part of) their 2020-ticket money to Museumnacht Maastricht. Click here for a complete overview!