Centre Céramique

Avenue Ceramique 50, www.centreceramique.nl

You can discover the history of Maastricht, there are exhibitions for photography/visual culture and they provide a podium for talent: that is Center Céramique in a nutshell during Museumnacht Maastricht! Also, admire the beautiful library where Cultural Heritage is presented in an extraordinary way. 

More details about their programme will be available soon.

Coffeelovers Creative Cafe

During the Art Appetizer, Coffeelovers will be transformed into a Creative Cafe. A wonderful place to catch your breath and process all the experiences. Settle down in one of the cozy spots, order a drink at the bar or eat a piece of party cake in the ... Read more »

19:00 - 23:00

Centre Céramique Coffeelovers: 1st floor

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