Terms & Conditions

  • These general terms and conditions apply to every agreement in the context of the visit to the event, purchases in the web shop and the purchase of all access therefore between the visitor of the event and the organisation, regardless of how it is established.
  • The COVID-19 measures and guidelines from RIVM that apply at the time Museumnacht Maastricht takes place must be complied with.
  • By purchasing a  ticket and/or entering the location of the event, including all the venues and side-programme, the visitor agrees to the content of these terms and conditions.
  • The organisation of the event and/or the managers of the event locations can apply house rules, which apply in addition to these general terms and conditions and which can be found on the website (s) of the organisation and/or at the event location. By purchasing or registering the ticket, the visitor also agrees to these house rules.
  • The organisation can change these general terms and conditions in whole or in part at any time. Visitors are informed of the changes in a timely manner because the organisation will report this on the relevant website (s) of the organisation. The visitor has to inform the organisation in writing within 7 (seven) working days if he does not comply to the changes on the grounds of reasonableness and fairness, otherwise the visitor will be deemed to have accepted the changes.
  • The invalidity of any provision of these general terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the other provisions.
  • During the opening hours of the event as stated on the official website.
  • Visitors must have a valid and original ticket obtained legally through Museumnacht Maastricht's official channel (IHaveGotATicket). This ticket will be accepted or rejected upon verification. Upon acceptance, visitors will receive the rightful wristband.
  • The organisation reserves the right to change the ticket prices and opening hours for the event at any time.
  • If the maximum capacity (in line with COVID-19 measures) of the event and/or venue or hop-on hop-off bus is exceeded, the organisation has the right to refuse visitors access to the event/venue without compensation. The same applies when refusing to wear a face mask where required. It is also possible that, in case of large crowds, not every part of the event can be visited. As a result, the organisation is not liable for any damage or disappointment and no refund can be claimed. 
  • Visitors who try to access the event in a way that does not meet the above conditions will be fined with the regular ticket price. In addition, an administrative fine can be imposed. In case of non-compliance, visitors will be removed and denied all further access in the future.
  • If the presale indicates that it is sold out, the ticket sale will be stopped. The organisation reserves the right to offer additional cash sales on location. This will be clearly communicated on all possible channels.
  • As the event or event venues may or may not operate with various (age-related) entry restrictions, please ensure you have an ID and/or student/CJP card with you if applicable! The organisation and organisers of the event locations reserve the right to refuse access, without being able to claim a refund of the purchase amount.
  • Animals (with the exception of guide dogs and assistance dogs with an official identification vest) are not allowed at the event.
  • Visitors enter the event location and attend the event at their own risk. The organisation is not liable for loss of, theft of and/or damage to visitors’ possessions.
  • The organisation is not responsible or liable for any damage as a result of the cancellation, changes or deviations in (the content of) the programme of the event, nor for any other damage, for whatever reason, which is directly or indirectly the result of acts of the organisation and/or event location, of persons in (one of) their service, or of other persons employed by or on behalf of (one of) them, or of third parties, during the event or in in connection with the stay at the event location, unless the damage is the result of intent or gross negligence on the part of the organisation.
Admission tickets, conclusion of the agreement
  • An agreement is being concluded with Stichting Museumnacht Maastricht and its events, as soon as the person who wishes to order and purchase an admission ticket clicks on the order button on the relevant website. The person is then obliged to pay the ordered tickets and Stichting Museumnacht and its events, is obliged to send the tickets after receiving the payment. An order placed is irrevocable and the visitor cannot change the agreement after that moment. The organisation reserves the right at all times to refuse orders or to impose additional conditions.
  • The paid tickets are immediately send by e-mail after ordering. A ticket for Museumnacht Maastricht and its events consists of a document with a  barcode. The barcode is unique. The ticket is issued once and gives access to one person.
  • Information, such as announcements, houserules and measures, with regard to the event and/or tickets is (displayed) or provided as accurately as possible. The organisation accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or incompleteness in the information provided above.
  • Tickets once purchased cannot be returned or exchanged and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The risk of loss or damage to the tickets lies with the person who has purchased an admission ticket. 
  • IHaveGotATicket (ihavegotaticket.com) is the organisation's exclusive ticketing provider for the event. Tickets are only available on the website of the organisation, the ticket provider, and whether or not offical points of sale of Museumnacht Maastricht. Only purchase at a pre-sale address recognized by Museumnacht Maastricht guarantees the validity of the ticket. The burden of proof rests on the visitor.
  • The tickets received may not be reproduced or resold or transferred to third parties. If you act contrary to these provisions, the organiser of the event will deny him/her access to the event and the relevant tickets will be invalidated. In that case the visitor is not entitled to a refund or compensation.
  • It is strictly forbidden to sell free (guest) tickets to anyone else for any compensation. If this is noticed, the respective tickets will be deactivated immediately.
  • If tickets have been multiplied in any way and several tickets with the same barcode are offered at the access control to an event, then Museumnacht Maastricht or the organiser of the event/venue has the right to determine that the person who first shows the ticket is the person entitled to access it at the start of the event.
  • Museumnacht Maastricht and its events have the right to invalidate the ticket (s) or to deny (or have them denied) access to the event (by the organiser of the event/venue) if and as soon as one or more of the mentioned in these general terms and conditions, rules and house rules provisions are being violated. In that case the visitor is not entitled to a refund or compensation.
Force majeure, suspension, postponed, moved or canceled events
  • Museumnacht Maastricht and its events reserve the right to postpone the event, move it to another date and/or location or cancel it entirely before it commences, if (part of) an event is canceled as a result of force majeure as this applies in the broadest sense of the word. This includes in any case, but is not intended to be exhaustive: foreclosure due to shortcomings or illness of artists and suppliers, (local) government measures, pandemics, (extreme) weather conditions and the threat of, storm, fire, theft, water (nuisance), riot, war -/acts of terrorism or threats, intervention by the police and/or fire brigade, strike, transport difficulties and other serious failures in the organization of Museumnacht Maastricht and its events, if the necessary permits have not been granted or have been withdrawn and (part of) an event cannot take place or must be canceled under an order issued by the competent authority and all other incidents that originate outside the sphere of influence of Museumnacht Maastricht and its events, but as a result of which they are unable to fulfill the obligations under the agreement and which circumstances cannot be attributed to them. In such circumstances, Museumnacht Maastricht and its events will inform the person who has bought an admission ticket as soon as possible via the website and/or by e-mail or to inform visitors in another way if the event has already started.
  • If the event is canceled by the organisation as a result of or in connection with force majeure in the broadest sense of the word, refund of tickets will only take place in the manner indicated by the organisation. The €0,50 transaction costs as included in the price or other (consequential) damage, direct or indirect, will not be reimbursed.
  • Stichting Museumnacht Maastricht has the right to invalidate the ticket(s) or to deny access to the event (or have it denied) as soon as one or more of the provisions referred to in these general terms and conditions, regulations and house rules are violated. In that case, the visitor is not entitled to a refund or compensation.
  • If the afterparty is cancelled, the Museumnacht Maastricht part of the combi ticket will remain valid and the visitor will only receive a refund (€5) for the afterparty.
  • The organisation reserves the right to change the programming and content of the event at any time. The organisation is not liable for the presence or cancellation of guests for the event. No refund of entrance tickets will be made in the event of a cancellation of one of the guests, or in the event of a change in programming.
Privacy & Safety 
  • By concluding an agreement with the organisation, (personal) data of the visitor can be collected, recorded and stored in a data file. This (personal) data provided by the visitor is processed by the organisation in accordance with its privacy policy.
  • When concluding the agreement with the organisation, the visitor gives explicit permission for the processing of (personal) data in accordance with the organisation's privacy policy. The organisation handles the (personal) data obtained with care and only processes it in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
  • Collected data will not be provided to third parties. Museumnacht Maastricht and its events respect the privacy of its visitors. This privacy applies to all information provided via the websites of Museumnacht Maastricht and its events is provided. Museumnacht Maastricht and its events use the data only for processing the transaction for which the data was provided.
  • Image and/or sound recordings may be made during the event, and the visitors and recordings will be made public or multiplied. By entering the event location(s) of Museumnacht Maastricht, the visitor grants permission to make and use the recordings without the organisation or third parties owing the visitor a fee. The visitor hereby transfers any copyright and/or portrait rights to the organisation and the press invited by the organisation without any restrictions. Furthermore, the visitor irrevocably waives the right to invoke his/her personality rights.
  • If during the event (image) recordings are made with security cameras, the organisation can hand these over to third parties, including the police and the judiciary in the event of an emergency.
  • Visitors, other than the press, are only allowed to use photography and image recordings for private purposes (for example with a video or with static cameras or with material for audio recordings), unless stated otherwise.
  • Press is only allowed at the event with a written commitment from the organisation and organisers of the event locations, and is entitled to make and publish visual material about the event. It is not allowed to offer visual material of visitors and/or other attendees of the event for payment other than to the media. The organisation reserves the right to revoke press accreditations at any time and to use the published images free of charge. Each observable violation will be fined with €5,000 per observation.
  • Keep in mind that if you buy a ticket for Museumnacht Maastricht, you grant Museumnacht Maastricht the permission to be kept informed about the event and relevant topics, such as news items related to the programme or COVID-19 measures. 
  • Museumnacht Maastricht guarantees that addresses are not used for other purposes and thus ensures the security of visitor information and the protection of the privacy of its visitors.
  • Visitors are prohibited from taking drugs or weapons with them to the event. Violence and intimidating behavior will not be tolerated, as will discrimination, sexual harassment or wearing provocative clothing. 
  • Stealing or destroying property of Museumnacht Maastricht, the event locations and/or other parties is strictly prohibited.
  • In the event of or due to (the consequences) of a pandemic (such as COVID-19), the organisation assumes that the visitor is aware of all measures recommended or made mandatory by a government agency.
  • In case of or due to (the consequences) of a pandemic (such as COVID-19), the organization reserves the right to adjust the house rules based on the measures recommended or made mandatory by a government agency.
  • In the event of or due to (the consequences) of a pandemic (such as COVID-19), the additional requirements and the associated costs imposed by a government agency with regard to access to the event are the responsibility of the visitor.
  • In the event or due to (the consequences) of a pandemic (such as COVID-19) the event is canceled, the visitor who has purchased the admission ticket and has paid the entrance fee is entitled to a refund or part of the entrance fee already paid minus transaction fees.

Stichting Museumnacht Maastricht, 2022