Meet: Mosaïek Magazine

For Museumnacht Maastricht 2022, we are teaming up with
Mosaïek Magazine, who will be our eyes and ears on the ground. They are going to dive into the night and share their experiences and stories, so make sure to follow them on social media. But first things first, let's get to know them! 

Who are behind Mosaïek Magazine?
 Tell us a bit more about yourselves.

We are Anthi, Emma, Michelle, Len, Sophie, Pascalle, Talitha and Karin. We’re a small but strong group of like-minded students who are striving to cultivate young people’s artistic aspirations and provide them with a platform, a community support as well as free editing services. 

Just like Mosaïek Magazine, Museumnacht Maastricht is known for its interdisciplinary and inclusive approach. What are you mostly looking forward to as part of this collaboration? And why do yo think art and a night like Museumnacht Maastricht in particular is important? 

All of us are arts and humanities students. So getting a glimpse into both the back and front stage of such a big event in Maastricht’s cultural life as Museumnacht is incredibly exciting. We’re looking forward to meeting with the artists and curators and learning more about their work. And all that excitement won’t be just left to ourselves, of course, and we will be sharing our experiences on social media! It’s also a great opportunity to further strengthen the connection between Maastricht’s students and the local art scene. The need for mending the severed connections – with all the residents – caused by you-know-what and recurring periods of collective isolation is why Museumnacht is so important right now. For many, art was both a window to and a mirror of the outside world, from which we became distant. Now is the chance to support local arts. Not only new students could finally truly experience the city, but other residents as well have a chance to explore Maastricht in a different light.

What role does art and culture play in your lives, what inspires you/has inspired you?

Art and culture play a central role in the lives of our board members, not only in terms of our work for Mosaïek but also on a more personal level. The different faces art can have - whether it be visual art, poetry, music or something else – generate a sense of belonging and a transcension of our own perspective simultaneously. Art for us is a way to see our own selfhood and experiences reflected back to us, as well as an invitation to see beyond our own point of view. In this way, art and culture make a continuous impact on the shaping of our identities. For those of us who makes art of any kind ourselves, it provides us with a platform for boundless self-expression, allowing us to create a personal space to channel our creativity and vulnerability. Working collaboratively with creators for Mosaïek Magazine often inspires us to connect with the stories of others and see things from a new perspective. Especially in times of the pandemic, Mosaïek Magazine has provided us with a community through art, connecting us with contributing artists as well as our own small group. 

This year's theme is 'Dream The Night Away', exploring the dimensions between real and surreal and capturing the hope, magic and mystery of dreamscapes. What would be your dream for tomorrow's world and/or what exciting cards do you think the future of art holds?

We think that technology will play a big, transformative role in tomorrow’s world and in the future of art – from virtual reality to artificial intelligence and computer-generated artworks, the creative possibilities seem endless. These digital dimensions will also allow for much more interconnectedness, which we consider especially important during and after the pandemic. We hope the new generation of artists will continue to grow, find their voice and share their visions - we’re eager to see what they have in store for us!

Finally, some final thoughts you would like to give to share?

As reporters of the night, the Mosaïek team can’t wait to meet many inspiring, creative minds during the Museumnacht and gather their stories. We will be sharing our impressions on social media, so feel free to follow along and see the event through our lens!
 Follow our social media for updates and for content through our young member’s lens.  

Mosaïek Magazine

"The need for mending connections – with all the residents – caused by you-know-what and recurring periods of collective isolation is why Museumnacht is so important right now."

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Mosaïek is an independent, non profit, student-run association, which focuses on education in the realm of writing and encourages the arts, cultures, and social sciences. The association was founded in 1998 and is rooted in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University, while cooperating with other Faculties like UCM. Their goal is to create a community of collaborative nature for common-interested people. The Mosaïek Magazine aims to not only feature articles but also to incorporate photography, paintings, drawings, poetry, and any other form of art that tells a story.

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