Meet the creative mastermind behind the amazing artwork for the 5th edition of Museumnacht Maastricht, in line with this year's theme Dream The Night Away

First of all, who is the person behind pppanik?

My name is Pali, I‘m a multidisciplinary artist with a very curious mind. Currently, I am focusing on generative and audioreactive art, but I am also into 3D art, graphic design and many other creative disciplines which I like to combine.

Museumnacht Maastricht is all about celebrating the power of art by working together and supporting each other in the best way possible. You are also known for sharing your knowledge en resources with anyone who wants to learn and create. Can you tell us a bit more about your view of collaboration and inclusion?

I love the thought of sharing is caring which perfectly describes my feelings towards collaboration and inclusion. I think the future is open source when it comes to digital resources. Therefore, I think we as people should also be an open source and share our knowledge, our experiences and our feelings in order to enable everyone to have the same opportunities, strengthen the meaning of things and using privileges for the better. All in all, sharing things is chance for more equality, I think.

Although artists were already experimenting with mixing visual art and technology since the ‘60s; over the past decade, technology has drastically changed the world of art. Who or what inspired you to get into digital art? What inspires you today and what exciting cards do you think the future of digital art and technology holds? 

I kinda get inspired by everything. As I mentioned earlier, I‘m a very curious mind. I live to explore and I love to examine things. The truth is - I got into digital art when I discovered Microsoft paint on the working pc of my father. But in the recent past, the person who always pushed me to go deeper is Paul, a very good friend of mine who got me into generative art. He also is like my ping pong partner who always inspires me to try new things in my art disciplines. For me, it‘s all about surrounding myself with inspirational people and things. The future of digital art and technology is like discovering a new ocean; it‘s a big mystery full of endless opportunities and treasures I can‘t wait to explore. 

Finally, what piece of advice or final thought would you like to give to fellow artists and/or our audience?

Stay creative and most important: stay kind.

"My dream for tomorrow‘s world is togetherness. It sounds naive, but we are all in this together and we can only fight the troubles of this world together. No matter how small or big. My dream is more kindness, more carefulness and more empathy."

- Pali

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